About the artist

Born in Sitia, Crete. Manolis Tsantakis was educated in Athens, where he finished high school. After a few wasted years spent studying the uninteresting field of Shipping Management and at Medical Assistant School, he decided that photography was the art and profession he wanted to follow. Having taken up photography as a hobby several years earlier, he enhanced his knowledge by in-depth study of the history of photography and its pioneering exponents

While attending the AKTO School of Photography in Athens, (ΑΚΤΟ is the largest educational group in Art, Design and Media in Greece) he experimented with the secrets of the darkroom. Photography became his great passion and exclusive occupation. His unquenchable thirst for further knowledge led him to London, where he attended specialist seminars on applied creative photography and printing techniques.

Manolis Tsantakis is a professional photographer, graphic artist and website designer. He has worked with major companies and hotels in Athens and especially Crete for advertising purposes, and also with the Greek National Tourism Organisation, producing photographic work on Greece.

His photography has been awarded several prizes by the Fédération Internationale de l’Art Photographique and the Hellenic Photographic Society. He has represented Greece at international photography conventions and festivals, and held photography exhibitions in Europe, China and America, while his work has been published in several international journals and albums. His photographs are also on display in photography museums in Italy and China, and in private collections around the world.